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Oh Christmas Lights, Oh Christmas Lights: Tips for Hanging Them on Your Gutters

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Gutters can be a great place to mount holiday lights. They provide an extra benefit around Christmastime when it’s time for you and your family to get-togethers, or just some comfortable night-time viewing while working on those last-minute gifts!

Determine the Number of Strands You Need

When hanging light strands for an outdoor installation, it is essential to measure the length of each piece so that they will reach their desired location. You may plan on using gutter-mounted or window-covered lights in addition to some wrapped railings and columns; make sure you allow enough space before installing these fixtures!

Mount Gutter Clips

These handy little gadgets come with a clip on one end that hooks onto most types of gutters. The L ladderless gutter clips are also an option, and each kit features an attachment screwing into regular broom handles, which you can use to hang your downspouts from the ground while making it easy for yourself by doing all the strings at once!

Position Light Strands & Extension Cords Correctly

Once the first light is secured, start extending them along your gutters with clips from below or on top as needed. Make sure they are all secure—no one likes saggy lights! Finally, plugging it into an outlet near where it’s most visible is perfect for these types of cords that can get tangled up quickly if not appropriately hidden, so make good use of those outlets by tucking away any extra length after measuring how far past roof edge needs go (about 6-12″).

Hang Holiday Lights with Gutter Guards

If you want to use your gutters for more than just rainwater, they must be able to accommodate whatever debris might be headed in their direction. This means having clamps or hangers available so as not to prevent any Christmas lights from being attached!

Follow Ladder & Rooftop Safety Tips

It’s that time of year again – all over social media and neighborhood block parties are happening! But if you’re like me, there is one thing on your mind: how do I get my Christmas lights to display just right? With so many varieties to select from (and when was the last time we checked whether they were lighted?), deciding what will work best for our homes can be tricky. Luckily Window Genies has got some great suggestions below!

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