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Halloween’s Coming Up Fast! Here Are Some Last Minute Costume Ideas

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We know the last-minute DIYers will be busy this Halloween, so we’ve put together some awesomely easy costumes you can make in just minutes. You won’t have any trouble looking festive without breaking a sweat or spending too much money on something kitschy at pop-up costume outlets!

Costumes for the Whole Family

Bubble Bath

You can have an underwater adventure using just your favorite bathtime toys and some glue. This is a great way to get creative while keeping track of how many grapes people eat!

Rubik’s Cube

Who doesn’t want to be a puzzle wrapped in an enigma for Halloween? This is the most simple costume you could make. You need some construction paper, glue, and any shape that will fit inside your cardboard box! Whether it’s solved Rubik cubes or ones still mixed up, this costume has something for everyone with all their different shapes when they put together these easy pieces!


For those who want to make their costumes more authentic, there are a variety of materials that can be used. For example, tape and toilet paper or fabric sheets with safety pins attached at each end, so they don’t get lost during the assembly process – this works well if you’re on a time crunch!

A less creative but effective option would involve obtaining white clothes from your local grocery store ( medical wrap is another good choice).

Couple Costumes

Hunter and Deer

The pursuit for the perfect Halloween costume is almost over! You can go as creative or straightforward with your dressing up, but if you want to be a hunter, some essential items will make it all happen. For those looking into how they should dress when donning their disguise, head to our website here – we’ve got everything from camo clothes and vests down to black pipes cleaners, so find what works best for you. Just remember: The deer isn’t too tricky; anything brown goes well–even hair accessories like ribbons worn around one’s head (try not to break any laws while doing this).

Location Points

What a clever costume for the last-minute dresser! You can be your location, and it will surely Net you some points with friends. All needed are construction paper, markers (or paint!), tape–and maybe an hour or two to finish getting dressed before they arrive at their party?

Squints and Wendy Peffercorn

Whether you’re a true fan of the Sandlot film or just looking to have fun, this costume is for everyone! The iconic scene where Squints tricks Wendy into giving him mouth-to-mouth with her breath will never be forgotten. For his signature look, get yourself dressed up as an older man wearing glasses and a cap carrying around gloves so he can hit things hard, too – but I think we all know what our favorite character in this movie was.

Fun and Pun

Deviled Egg

Deviled eggs are a delicious and straightforward costume that does not require much effort. You can be creative with the colors, adding red speckles or paprika for flair!

Black Eyed P’s

The simple design is best for any occasion and can easily fit into most parties! Just add some black eyeshadow, and cut out Ps from duct tape on top to complete this fantastic look – no matter how brave or Not tough YOU are!! You’ll be the talk of your party if you go in a group costume.

Book Face or Facebook?

I have an all-time favorite costume that is super easy and comes from one of my favorite episodes in The Office. Take black face paint, and write a book on your forehead to create the look for Jim’s clever costumes!